Laser Tag

$12 per person per game
(15 minute experience)

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Sector 19 is your must-check-out zone for games and grub. Get your fill of fun from Laser Tag, and Arcade Games, and get your fill of scrumptious food from Craft Eatery.

Virtual Gaming (Hidden from css)

Gear up and step into a whole new exhilarating world, virtual reality–style.

Craft Eatery

You won’t have to go far for hearty, delicious stuff—from salads and pasta, to crispy chicken, to good old burgers.

Arcade Games

Feeling competitive? Grab your friends and play to your hearts’ content.

Games you can’t get enough of

Experiences you can’t stop talking about

Food you will keep coming back to

OCT 2022
Facility buy out (Closed)
NOV 2022
Thanksgiving day (Closed)
DEC 2022
Christmas eve (Closed)
DEC 2022
Christmas day (Closed)
DEC 2022
New years eve (Closed)

Closed Every Monday
MAR 2023
Facility buy out (Closed)
JUL 2023
Independence day (Closed)

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